Adrien Gaidon, PhD

Dr. Adrien Gaidon is an experienced Machine Learning researcher, engineer, manager, executive, and investor. He is a Partner at Calibrate Ventures, an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Stanford, and a technical advisor and former head of ML at TRI.

Since 2007, Dr. Gaidon has been working on Principle-centric ML: learning algorithms that effectively combine concise prior knowledge and large-scale data. In particular, Dr. Gaidon has a deep expertise in Embodied Intelligence, including Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, and Robotics, with more than 100 patents and 100 publications at top AI venues like CVPR and NeurIPS.

Besides scientific expertise, Dr. Gaidon has experience in building and leading world-class teams of ML researchers and engineers that work together to invent and develop new solutions to hard real-world problems like safe and automated driving.

More info: CV, linkedin, Google Scholar, arxiv.


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