Game-Theoretic Planning for Risk-Aware Interactive Agents

M. Wang, N. Mehr, A. Gaidon, M. Schwager

Published in IROS 2020 - October 2020

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LEQ Game


Modeling the stochastic behavior of interacting agents is key for safe motion planning. In this paper, we study the interaction of risk-aware agents in a game-theoretical framework. Under the entropic risk measure, we derive an iterative algorithm for approximating the intractable feedback Nash equilibria of a risk-sensitive dynamic game. We use an iteratively linearized approximation of the system dynamics and a quadratic approximation of the cost function in solving a backward recursion for finding feedback Nash equilibria. In this respect, the algorithm shares a similar structure with DDP and iLQR methods. We conduct experiments in a set of challenging scenarios such as roundabouts. Compared to ignoring the game interaction or the risk sensitivity, we show that our risk-sensitive game-theoretic framework leads to more time-efficient, intuitive, and safe behaviors when facing underlying risks and uncertainty.



    title={Game-Theoretic Planning for Risk-Aware Interactive Agents},
    author={Mingyu Wang and Negar Mehr and Adrien Gaidon and Mac Schwager},