Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation from Dense Detections

R. Hou, J. Li, A. Bhargava, A. Raventos, V. Guizilini, C. Fang, J Lynch, A. Gaidon

Published in CVPR 2020 (oral, top 5.7%) - June 2020

Links: arxiv, code, video, bibtex

CVPR 2020 real-time panoptic segmentation teaser


Panoptic segmentation is a complex full scene parsing task requiring simultaneous instance and semantic segmentation at high resolution. Current state-of-the-art approaches cannot run in real-time, and simplifying these architectures to improve efficiency severely degrades their accuracy. In this paper, we propose a new single-shot panoptic segmentation network that leverages dense detections and a global self-attention mechanism to operate in real-time with performance approaching the state of the art. We introduce a novel parameter-free mask construction method that substantially reduces computational complexity by efficiently reusing information from the object detection and semantic segmentation sub-tasks. The resulting network has a simple data flow that does not require feature map re-sampling or clustering post-processing, enabling significant hardware acceleration. Our experiments on the Cityscapes and COCO benchmarks show that our network works at 30 FPS on 1024x2048 resolution, trading a 3% relative performance degradation from the current state of the art for up to 440% faster inference.



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