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Professional Experience

2020 - : Senior Manager, Machine Learning Research, Toyota Research Institute (TRI), CA, USA. Head of the Machine Learning Research team at TRI. Applied ML research for Toyota’s future products, including World-scale Autonomous Robots that learn from Experience. Our key research areas include Deep Learning (esp. self-supervised learning), Computer Vision (esp. dynamic 3D scene understanding), and using Simulation for ML (esp. differentiable rendering and sim2real).

2017 - 2019: Manager & Senior Research Scientist, Machine Learning, Toyota Research Institute (TRI), CA, USA. Manager of the ML team at TRI. Responsible for creating and leading TRI’s ML strategy for Automated Driving, from research to ML cloud infrastructure (used in production) and deployment of safety-critical ML models on public roads. Founded and grew the team to a dozen research scientists and ML engineers. Technical advisor for Toyota AI Ventures. External leadership via publications (22 in 2017-2019), invited talks, demonstrations, and scientific collaborations (esp. with Stanford and Preferred Networks).

2013 - 2016: Research Scientist (Computer Vision), Xerox Research Center Europe, Meylan, France. Led research and transfer projects on Deep Learning for video understanding (action recognition, multi-object tracking), domain adaptation, simulation for perception, and Business Process Modeling with Computer Vision.

2008 - 2012: Doctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research - Inria joint center, Paris, France. Invented, implemented, and experimentally validated state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms for action recognition in challenging real-world video sources like movies or YouTube videos. Contributions on how to decompose actions into structured, discriminative, and robust models.

2008: R&D Engineer, LEAR team, Inria, Grenoble, France. Participation to two international Computer Vision competitions: TRECVID and PASCAL VOC (co-winner of classification and detection challenges). Experimentation on tens of thousands of images and videos, using a cluster of computers, under strong time constraints.

06-08/2007: Research intern, Inria Rocquencourt, Paris, France. Research on learning the structure of dynamic Bayesian networks using statistical tests and genetic algorithms.

06-08/2006: Research intern, LIG research lab, IMAG institute, Grenoble, France. Implementation (OCaml) of formal methods in the automatic proof research domain.



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